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Welcome to Neurotechnology in Freiburg!


The new Cluster of Excellence at the University of Freiburg


Neurotechnology today is one of the most fascinating fields of interdisciplinary research, combining expertise from Neuroscience, Microsystems Engineering, Computer Science, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery as well as the Ethics of Medicine. In spite of extensive media coverage, concise summaries with reliable information about neurotechnological research targets and technological issues are scarce. As Neurotechnology is one of the major research areas at the University of Freiburg and its partner institutions in research and industry, we here would like to provide such an overview. On this website we present a broad range information about fields of application, current research, open questions, scientists active in Neurotechnology research as well as clinicians.

Find information about Neurotechnology, from arising questions to technical implementations, and learn more about how researchers in Freiburg and the region contribute to this fascinating field. We currently still add new content and links, so please come again.

Click on the different devices in our Vitruvian Man to learn about clinical applications of neurotechnology already in use today!


Please note that we are still extending the information on this website in breadth and depth. Therefore, we invite you to return soon and stay updated on new information about the technology, devices, research, reports, and projects.

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